Failure is not fatal…

“Go with the strength you have…”

I read these words, and in such a short statement I am bombarded with thoughts. The words, said by God to Gideon in the bible in Judges 6:14, have so much power, but are so simple. The statement is full of inconvenience to someone who has fear, but at the same time full of love and encouragement…

It is a statement that builds confidence and aims at shifting attention from my strength and ability to a strength and ability not of me, but of God.

It is a statement that motivates and carries so much purpose.

It tells me when I feel like I can’t, that I actually can.

It reveals a plan without revealing the specifics, showing me enough to get moving, but not so much that I freak out and run away.

It shows that my creator believes in me, and this trumps any feeling of doubt I might have in myself, and gives me no grounds or substance to rebut or argue against it.

In moments when I turn against myself, this statement speaks contrary to my doubts and fears. Its like my shoulder has been gently grabbed, and my body has been motioned 180 degrees to face away from my failures and mistakes, my shame and guilt, my pain and regret, and with just 6 words, turned towards everything that I need to walk into an undeserved, but beautiful future.


Love does…

While people watching at lunch today I observed a young couple in what seemed to me to be something very new and exciting for them and it spun me into a few thoughts that I decided to write down in order to share on my blog. I hope this little moment can connect with you as it did with me…

?PZ 😉


Love can transform someone who sits at home feeling lonely, worthless and isolated into a public bumbling mess of giddy smiles and gentle, subtle hair rearranging…

When love first begins it makes the decision to get up so much easier, but the decision what to wear so much harder… The irony being that if you’re truly loved, whether you wear a dazzling scarlet dress with shiny silver jewellery, or your trackies and a loose shirt, that someone seems to see directly through the glassy, captivating exterior of your eyes into your heart, rendering the decision irrelevant, and they have you so infatuated that you can scarcely make the decision anyway.

When it slows down and settles in, love can stretch the capacity, and multiply the fruitfulness of what was once a single soul pushing through life. Just like a refreshing rain and a morning sunbeam are in themselves something to behold, the water would not mimic diamonds without the light, and the light rays would not perform so perfectly without a mirror to reflect off of.

When it’s endures, love can inspire a child to dream, a little girl to make believe her fluffy dog and favourite dolly can live happily ever after in a backyard wedding while all the guests in the garden watch on, it can melt the heart of the most damaged and broken man, and at the connection of two wrinkly and worn hands, a burnt out candle can be given the spark to reignite it’s belief in the eternal.


Impossible to Ignore

This can’t be what it looks like being
My eyes seeing, my mind disagreeing
I’ll bind it if I can find where is fleeing
But behind it
Beats a drum
Throws out a rattle and a hum
You too can hear it in the battle, through the numb
It’s soft subtle rhythm would be hidden
If it weren’t for the contradiction that’s occurring
Painting pictures from all the blurred feelings
The more I think, it fades away
But the pulse resonates, leading rational astray
Inconvenient matters little once the brittle cracks appear
And it’s clear there’s whites and blacks
The heart persistent in its attacks
Putting together all the parts
Not just throwing darts
This is where the growing starts
Is it real? I want to ignore
But deep within me it stirs my core
Until what’s reality and inside of me find they are equal
And I realise the confusion
Is the happy endings prequel



Keep The Peace

With the endless debates in society and the ones being observed through social media these days I wrote down a few thoughts…

We can’t fight for a more open minded society and be taken seriously while we continue to slam and mock differing opinions because they don’t align with ours… Isn’t that why we’re upset in the first place? Because people are too narrow minded? Yet in our over zealous deference to opposing thoughts, we can unknowingly become exactly the type of movement we aim to dismantle… Not everyone has to agree with us or will agree with us. But we can still get along and accept THE PEOPLE around us even though we don’t accept THEIR STANCE and SOMETIMES have to experience something that might upset us.

It’s hypocritical for us to mock, disrespect or ridicule peoples stance on something while demanding respect and recognition of our own

Keep the peace 😉