Who gets the last cookie?

Short, but sweet…

There’s just a few things I’m learning at the moment about debating controversial issues. There’s obvious ‘big’ ones in the news, and one in particular that was the catalyst for this blog, but there’s also aspects that can be applied to even the smallest issues in life. Without lessening the seriousness of the ‘big’ issues, it can be like deciding who should get the last cookie, when all parties considered really do believe it’s rightfully theirs!

If I want people to respect my beliefs or stance on something, I must start by respecting theirs, whether I agree with it or not.

Then I must continue to respect it even if I don’t receive the same in return, otherwise my respect can hardly be deemed genuine.

I am not accountable for someone being offended at my chosen belief, but I am certainly accountable for any offence directed toward anyone because of theirs.

And it lead me to realise…

If we are fighting for 100% agreement on any issue, we are wasting our time and energy. We must all be able to find peace in not having things as we wish they were whilst exercising our right to stand for what we believe in.

And I must not forget how fortunate I am to have the freedom to freely express my opinions/beliefs without persecution. It’s something I hope this country never forgets it has either.

My social facade

Just because you don’t see my struggles on here doesn’t mean I don’t struggle…
Just because you don’t see me being humbled by mistakes on here, doesn’t mean I haven’t been humbled by many…
Just because you see the snap shots and perceived perfection on here, doesn’t mean I think I’m perfect and don’t lift my hands to God in utter shame sometimes realising I could have done things better…
Just because you don’t see my apologies to those I’ve hurt on here, doesn’t mean I haven’t apologised to them…
And just because you may not see my realisations doesn’t mean I’m ignorant and don’t care…
I choose to share the surface with those who aren’t close, and the depths with those who are and I’m doing just fine despite not getting it right all the time. I’ve disappointed a lot of people who care about me but they are still here. It’s not because I deserve to be happy, but because my faith and my God say I can be, and God knows I pray everyday for those I’ve hurt… But I don’t put those prayers on here either.

If you want to know someone give them a call, have a coffee, look at them in the eye and put your hand on their shoulder. If you want to care about someone ask them how they are; and actually care enough to not just challenge them but to walk with them through it too.

I’m challenged by what I’m writing too, and hope to have the opportunity to be stretched in this by meeting someone like myself who’s just giving what has been a messy life a crack, and trying to live with purpose, leaving the past behind.

Living by grace, and thankful for it.

The Middle of the Miracle

It takes a little faith to know we want out of where we know we need to leave
It takes a little more faith to boldly leave, walking away with confidence
It takes even more faith to stay confident when we realise we’re being chased down by what we left behind
It takes great faith to not turn back because the comfort of slavery seemed easier than facing the uncertainties of our freedom
It’s a little easier to step out once we’ve taken the first big step
It’s a little easier again to stand firm when our legs have gained that strength from our steps
It’s even easier then to face the next journey when we persevere and see the fruit of the ones already travelled

“The starting block is exciting, the finish line is rewarding, but it’s in the middle of the miracle that you require the greatest faith”



… Sometimes there’s pictures, sometimes there’s just words and other times there’s just no words

Just eclipsed the halfway mark of a two week holiday up at the Sunshine Coast in QLD, and as many of you who follow me in some form will know, I love to take pictures! In the last couple of years it has developed from a hobby into a passion and hopefully now a little side business for me!

What it means for my time off is that I’m most often carrying around my camera gear for what I call the ‘just in case’ moments that happen where that shot, that may make the perfect canvas, often goes begging. I feel like God has done something, as he often does, and inconvenienced me for a little lesson…

Both my high action GoPro cameras are at a very low action capacity at the moment for various frustrating reasons! This guy doesn’t like it when his gear is not working! But it has forced me to do something that is far too rare, and that is to just go out to the beach with nothing more than a towel and my bare feet and just be…

If there’s anything this holiday of necessary ends and exciting new beginnings will be remembered for, it will be my realisation that sometimes there’s pictures, sometimes there’s just words and on those rare and beautiful occasions, there is just no words at all. And it’s when we are looking too hard for pictures and words to share that we miss those moments that would sit within our hearts forever, and would never be given justice if translated to the expanding world of unseen people around us.

It’s not to say that we shouldn’t share our lives, it’s so much easier to do so now, and and exciting part of going through life, but I think a lot of us try to portray our state of mind when the platforms upon which we share it are rarely going to present it in its purest form… And it’s purest form can only be appreciated by you or who you’re sharing it with in that moment.

I have been able to post some beautiful sunset pictures and many people have been able to share in the beauty of them, there’s been some days where I’ve expressed thanks for something and there’s been people who have acknowledged that joy. But there’s been so many overwhelming moments that I couldn’t even try to express through pictures or words that have literally taken my breath away or found me smiling for no reason somewhere that would never be worthy of a photo or a mention on social media…

These moments are the ones we must learn to enjoy and hold close, to share with our family in reminiscence, our children and grandchildren, but not through Facebook or Instagram, but around a wood fire toasting marshmallows or on a sun-baked deck with a cold drink in hand, knowing that they may never know how it felt for us, but that they may hopefully be blessed enough to realise the value in a ‘no words’ moment too.