It helps you cry when you cant

and helps you smile when you cant stop

It brings people together

and joins one heart to another

It expresses ones deepest desires

and exposes the unsaid truths

It becomes an escape

but is never a final destination

It takes the dancer to their home

and invites the spectator to stop by

It translates all emotions

and evokes all emotions

It is understood by few

and misunderstood by many

It is never meant to be just a spectacle

but is often mistaken for one

It is indicative of the creators personality

and reveals the creators authenticity

It shows us our weaknesses

but gives us much strength

It shows others our weaknesses

but renews our strength

It interrupts and intrudes

but is always respectful

It is an outlet for every feeling

and an inlet for joy and liberty

It can tell a story of captivity

but bring the dancer freedom

It is independent and personal

but universal and without limits

It has the ability to exite

and the ability to relax

It is secure and loyal

and will never leave you on your own

it can be a close friend

and a feared acquaintance

It cant be destroyed

and is without boundaries

it is a matter of the heart

and the fingerprint of its creator

It is movement from the soul

and rhythm from the spirit

It takes our worst

but gives back its best

It will face obstacles

but will find a way around

It will remain always

and it will never cease

It can re-route the most worn paths

and can transform the hardest hearts…

Dance changes things.


“Some opportunities come, not to be taken, but to be boldly passed by to further refine and resolve our determination to pursue our dream”

pz all 😉

A excerpt from my recent article in Jan/Feb issue of DanceEd Mag…

“Choreography is not rocket science, and is less about your brain and more about your heart and your experiences. I find my most satisfying work comes when I dance and create to express myself, I start within before my head starts to interfere. While knowledge and technique are important, we are all different and all have something unique to offer. In a practical sense it is always good to start in a genre you feel comfortable in both in dance style and music style. The mistake many choreographers make is trying to be what they see around them, rather than settling into who they are.”

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First post!

Hey to all who care!… Welcome to my blog, I will be sharing my heart and my life on here, through touring oz and the world dancing, teaching and meeting people who inspire me. I hope that as I give you an insight into my life, those who inspire me will also inpsire you, and maybe you can inspire me too! Thanks for your support! pz!