Firstly, thanks for visiting my site! I am truly blessed to be able to showcase something that I only ever envisaged ever being a hobby. It became something intentional through the support and encouragement from many people and they are to be credited with whatever may come from it.

Photography has become a hobby after the completion of a 10-year career as a professional tap dancer where I was also blessed to see many amazing parts of the world. Through both teaching and performing to sell out theatres overseas, all the way to tiny remote communities in this amazing country of ours I saw some incredible things. It was while seeing these places and all the space in between them that my eyes were opened to what could be captured in a moment on camera.

I began with what I had available at any moment… An iPhone 4… And as the technology increased and I began to become interested in photography, notably landscape and beach photography. I invested in a mid-range SLR, which I still use now. With the introduction of action cameras, I had to get my hands on a GoPro, and now use both a Hero 3 Black and Hero 4 Black. These cameras have allowed me to get out amongst the water at my favourite place to be, the beach, and opened up the most passionate part of photography for me, capturing instantaneous moments not able to be enjoyed without the benefit of a picture.

If you’re looking for me, that’s where I’ll be, the beach, and those who know me best know which ones I’ll most likely be at. If I go somewhere, there is no denying I immediately see if there is a beach nearby. I like to think that my ability just comes from having enough time to stop and see things, something I’ve learnt and been taught to do through my relationship with God, which began when I was 18.

I believe it’s about finding something usually not noticed, taking up the position and then letting nature do the rest of the work.

I can’t thank my family enough… Mum, Dad, Renee & Liesel, I love you all so much, and you never let me go even when I felt the least lovable person in the world. I’m here because your love was, and still is, unconditional. I thank God for giving me what seems so rare, and I know not to take it for granted. I have extended family and many friends and colleagues whose constant encouragement cannot go without being acknowledged either. You are all a part of whatever I achieve, whatever level of perceived success that may be. I’m in it because it brings us all joy. I’m content with that.