Happy Australia Day!

“We know God only to the level that we love like God” – Judah Smith


Happy Australia Day to everyone who calls this country home…

I haven’t really got up to much this Australia Day and I think I definitely needed it… I do love the culture of a BBQ or a beach trip, a game of cricket and a good feed. I also love that it’s a day to relax and watch a movie or one of the many sporting events on TV. I do also stop and realise that, for many, this culture I’ve grown up with and have learnt from my family and friends growing up is hard to connect with for various reasons.

So with the green and yellow donuts, lamingtons, bonds singlets and thongs, drinks by the pool, sixes over the neighbours fence and long weekend celebrations firmly ingrained in my mind, I sat down and opened my bible to James 4, by the guidance of my fiancée who was reading through the book herself, and stumbled upon this verse…

“You are jealous of what others have, but you can’t get it, so you fight and wage war to take it away from them.” – James 4:2

Immediately as I’ve read this verse, thoughts of wars and conflict across the world spring to mind. Even individuals I see on the news waging their own personal wars against someone, or something, due to urges they’ve lost control of.

But upon dwelling on it further I know it’s much more than this, and and at the same time much less. It’s for me…

For example, as I compare even the seemingly most insignificant parts of my life to someone else’s, and my actions towards them become motivated by emotion, I’m fighting against their joy and freedom. It could be jealousy or envy over what they have that I don’t, frustration or anger that they don’t understand something I’m passionate about, or just un-dealt with emotion from the past that’s manifesting itself towards a person or people in a similar situation.

Whatever the case, even by simply withholding an encouragement from someone as they get excited about something, or because they have differing values to me, I’m waging a war that limits not only their joy, but to a much greater degree, mine too. Especially when I know it’s only because I’m envious or frustrated at them. Not only that, but I’m not loving. If Gods love truly knows no boundaries then why should mine? And why should someone’s like-mindedness determine whether I love them or not?

“We know God only to the level that we love like God” – Judah Smith

Thanks to all those who stand up for what they believe… I don’t necessarily understand your position but I understand your passion. Australia wouldn’t be the same without you!

Thankful that I was blessed to be born and bred in this amazing country!