Triple-braided cords

Of late I’ve been reminded so much about how two people can come together, fall in love and, if they can grasp what it is to love someone as they are, their strength can multiply because they embrace every part of who their partner is. God has blessed me with the most wonderful and beautiful human being and I get the privilege of marrying her, my Danielle, in April 2016. I can’t wait to see her walk towards me in that little church, seeing her in her dress for the first time. But together we’ve spent a lot of time talking and thinking about how God not only brought some pretty amazing stuff out of the mess of our lives, most notably bringing each of us to the other in some crazy circumstances, but he also makes our couple a trio. In Ecclesiastes 4:12 in the bible I learnt that the only thing stronger than two people who have a sacrificial and selfish love for each other, is a couple who love because they have been loved first and accepted that love from the creator of it! God forms a triple-braided cord, and while we keep our relationship with him strong, we will be strong and can be strong for those around us when the times come.

Seeing as I do get creative sometimes I thought why not share a couple of things that have come out of these thoughts. One being a short poem, the other a song I composed! I hope you can enjoy and/or connect in some way. Thanks for visiting my blog!

God bless, and pz!