Who gets the last cookie?

Short, but sweet…

There’s just a few things I’m learning at the moment about debating controversial issues. There’s obvious ‘big’ ones in the news, and one in particular that was the catalyst for this blog, but there’s also aspects that can be applied to even the smallest issues in life. Without lessening the seriousness of the ‘big’ issues, it can be like deciding who should get the last cookie, when all parties considered really do believe it’s rightfully theirs!

If I want people to respect my beliefs or stance on something, I must start by respecting theirs, whether I agree with it or not.

Then I must continue to respect it even if I don’t receive the same in return, otherwise my respect can hardly be deemed genuine.

I am not accountable for someone being offended at my chosen belief, but I am certainly accountable for any offence directed toward anyone because of theirs.

And it lead me to realise…

If we are fighting for 100% agreement on any issue, we are wasting our time and energy. We must all be able to find peace in not having things as we wish they were whilst exercising our right to stand for what we believe in.

And I must not forget how fortunate I am to have the freedom to freely express my opinions/beliefs without persecution. It’s something I hope this country never forgets it has either.